Do I need Seasonal Skincare?

Written by Caroline Austin

On May 12, 2020
Love Glow Studio Seasonal Skincare

You may have the best skincare products money can buy, but are they the right products for you skin – all year long? The answer is “no.” The fact is most women buy what they think is a great product – because a friend or influencer told them so – not knowing whether it’s actually good for their skin. Most clients complain that their skin is drier in the winter. So, why wouldn’t we consider the impact of the seasons on our face?

The seasons have a big impact on our skin, along with many other factors, such as pollution, hormones, age, and even the food we eat! Our skin is breathing and responding to our internal and external environment and then adjusting accordingly. So, switching up your skin care regimen for the changing seasons is not just smart, but necessary!

In the winter months, our skin is indeed drier, so skin cells need to be exfoliated regularly. Many clients neglect this important step. However, this is the absolute best way to consistently get glowing skin! When we are young, our skin cells turn over every 30 days, or so. As we age, the time elapsed between turn-over gets longer. The result is dull, aging skin with an uneven appearance. There are different types of exfoliants on the market, for different skin types. Not everyone can use fruit acids or gycolic. Many mistake “natural” products or organic products, such as FarmHouse Fresh as being gentle. However, fruit acids can be very powerful, and irritating on the wrong skin type. Also, the size of the exfoliant particle is equally important. Rubbing walnut particles on your skin can be very irritating and cause micro-tears in the skin.

In the warmer months, our skin often needs the right cleanser to address bacteria overgrowth from sunscreen, sweat and clogged pores. It is best to choose a cleanser that contains salicylic acid and/or antioxidants like green tea to also combat the free radical damage happening from sun exposure. In the spa, we often see adult clients with various types of acne from sweating at the pool, on the tennis court, or in the gym. For this reason, moisturizers and sunblocks need to be “lighter” and non-comedogenic.

Adjusting your skin care regimen is quick and easy, and an important step in maintaining beautiful skin! Don’t trust your favorite blogger, but rather, ask a skin care expert.

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