Men’s Services

Love Glow Studio doesn’t just specialize in medical aesthetics for women- we are the transformation experts for men! Putting your best foot (or should we say face…) forward is just as important for men as it is for women. Aging affects men and women equally and can affect men’s self-confidence and attention as drastically as the female counterpart. Love Glow Studio offers a wide variety of treatments to help you feel and look your best.

The highly trained clinicians at LGS can refine and enhance your aesthetics with a full-body approach

  • Let’s erase wrinkles with “bro-tox”; with our full line of high-quality neuromodulators we can effectively smooth out unsightly lines and wrinkles
  • Eliminate unwanted or unsightly hair with our laser hair removal techniques; waxing isn’t just for the ladies- unwanted and unsightly hair can be easily removed with our gentle, highly trained estheticians so you can put your best foot forward without a distracting unibrow or “fuzzy” sweater
  • Brighten and enhance your smile with LED teeth whitening; Your smile is a huge part of a first impression. Yellow teeth can be such a distraction to new friends and colleagues- brighten and create a more inviting, and attractive smile drawing in everyone around you
  • Give you back your summer body with our body contouring Coolsculpting techniques; stubborn fat happens to all of us, and sometimes exercise and diet just won’t cut it. LGS has the technology to help contour and freeze off fat only to show off your desired physique you’ve worked so hard for!
  • Enhance the body contouring with a sexy, sunless spray tan all year; Made of high quality, organic solutions Love Glow Studio has one of the most sought-after spray tans on the market. Leaving you perfectly bronzed and not at all orange or streaked, a spray tan can create the glow you need to enhance that newly brightened smile or contoured abdomen to enhance your treatments and take you a step above the rest

Ask about our membership programs to ensure you’ll stay looking your best all year long!