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Vitamin IV Therapy has arrived at Love Glow Studio. Cleanse, hydrate, energize, and boost your way to a healthier you. Whether you are looking to boost immunity or speed recovery from a night on the town, we have the right formula for you.

Our IV’s are administered in 500 ml (30 minutes) or 1000 ml (60 minutes) bags.
NOTE: Some drips are only available in select sizes and are noted by the time of treatment.

Love Glow Beauty

focus: relax, strengthen, glow
Show your body some antioxidant love with our LGS signature IV! This LGS inspired tonic will be your best beauty secret – helping you achieve glowing skin, stronger hair/nails, and a natural boost in collagen production! Relax, let go of stress and feel the love as vitamins lift your mood and strengthen immunity. Emerge feeling refreshed, renewed, and glowing with beauty!

$175 (60 min)

Relieve & Restore (aka Myers Cocktail)

focus: mood, energy, headaches, muscle pain
Myers Cocktail was developed by Dr. John Myers, an MD from Baltimore, MD as a “go to” therapy for a wide range of ailments. Critical B vitamins and antioxidants restore energy, while magnesium fights pain and relaxes muscles.

$100 (30 min) / $125 (60 min)


focus: strength, endurance, recovery
Prep your muscles with an amino acid boost that will help you go the distance!
Boost natural production of growth hormone to increase energy, while tri-aminos combat soreness and inflammation. This is the perfect blend of go-go juice for any serious athlete – pregame.

$125 (30 min) / $200 (60 min)


focus: immunity, inflammation
Feeling a little run down? Or, need a quick full body cleanse? Reboot your immune system with this super charged antioxidant cocktail! Flush toxins, decrease inflammation, and power up your immune system.

$200 (60 min) 


focus: headache, nausea, hydration, detox, restore, energy
Did the party never end? Make this your last cocktail! Our Late Night Remedy, PLUS added therapy aimed at replenishing essential B vitamins, healing the damage to your liver, and restoring your energy levels. This is the best “after party” you won’t want to miss!

$175 (60 min)


focus: anxiety, stress, energy
Overworked or overwhelmed? Take a timeout with this perfect antidote to stress! Feed your body the essential vitamins it needs to restore your energy and lighten your mood. Magnesium relaxes muscles and melts your worries away, while B vitamins target brain fog and enhance serotonin, sending “good vibes” your way.

$110 (30 min) 


focus: immunity, inflammation
Hello, high dose vitamin C! Vitamin C boosts your immunity and lowers inflammation in the body – a known culprit for auto-immune disorders and disease. Fortify with this amazing antioxidant, and reverse the clock on aging.

$125 (30 min) / $150 (60 min)


focus: hydration
Not drinking enough water? Need a quick, simple detox? Replenish fluid levels to flush toxins and restore your body to a hydrated state.

$75 (30 min) / $100 (60 min)

Hydrate +

focus: hydration, replenish
Hydrate the body with added multi-vitamins to restore essential vitamins to
optimum levels.

$150 (60 min)

Rescue Me

focus: pain, stress, anxiety
Are you overwhelmed and overloaded? Suffering from tension headaches or chronic pain? You are minutes away from relief with the Rescue Me therapy! Check out of your current state of body and mind and re-emerge transformed by this powerful blend of vitamins.

$150 (30 min) / $175 (60 min)


focus: fatigue, antioxidants, healing, fat burn
Recharge your muscles, reduce inflammation and promote healing with this post-workout IV cocktail! Bounce back even faster with powerful antioxidants and vitamins that improve protein synthesis, and the release of HGH. Reduce exercise-induced accumulation of plasma lactate and ammonia. Recover and repair the damage so you can come back stronger than before.

$175 (30 min) 

Late Night Remedy

focus: headache, nausea, hydration
Party too hard last night? Activate rapid recovery with hydration, plus potent vitamins that target headache and nausea. Flush toxins and get on with your day!

$125 (60 min)

Size 2

focus: metabolism, fat reduction, energy
Need extra help fitting into those skinny jeans? Get a head start with this potent fat busting vitamin blend! B Complex boosts metabolism, flushes toxins and triggers fat burning. Recover post work-out with vitamins that target inflammation and promote lean muscle. Restore energy levels, getting the push you need to activate a total body make-over!

$110 (30 min) 

Just For Men

focus: libido, energy
Get back your life force…and become that Super Hero you used to be!

$125 (30 min) / $150 (60 min)


focus: toxins, liver cleanse
Poor diet, alcohol and stress can lead to a heavy toxic load in your body. Cleanse and purify your system while setting the reset button on your health.

$125 (30 min) / $150 (60 min)


Customize you Vitamin IV Treatment with targeted additives. Need help choosing? Our Nurse Injectors will be happy to recommend the perfect enhancement for your specific needs.


$25 30 mg 


$25 100 mg

Vitamin C

$30 5000 mg / $40 10000 mg


$25 4 mg


$25 600 mg / $10 each addtional 200 mg


$25 500 mg 


10% OFF! – 4 same type IV Fluids package 


Quick, convenient, targeted injection treatments. 


Keep your metabolism in fat-burning mode with this weekly shot! B vitamins ensure carbohydrates and fat are converted to energy – helping you reach your weight loss goals!

$30 shot / 4 shot pack $100

Go-Go B12 Energy shot

Work hard. Play hard? Recharge and reboot your system so you can get back in the game. 

$25 shot / 4 shot pack $100  / $75/500 ml IVF

Welcome to the Love Glow Studio. As a Thank You Gift for filling out this welcome form, we are giving you a choice of $25 in Day Spa services or $100 to use towards MedSpa services.**


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