Forma V

Love Glow Studio is excited to be one of the first to introduce the EMPOWER platform for women’s wellness to our clients! The EMPOWER platform by InMode features multiple modalities that transform women’s wellness and deliver superior results in vaginal rejuvenation! No more embarrassment, pain, or frustration. Achieve a “mommy make-over” without surgery or downtime. Get back to living life as the vibrant and sexy woman you once were!


All treatments begin with a consultation and pelvic exam by our board-certified Medical Director and OBGYN, Dr. LeAnn Haddock. Dr. Haddock will recommend a treatment solution based on your needs and concerns. All treatments will be done in our warm and inviting Medical Spa in University Park.


FORMA  is non-invasive Bipolar Radiofrequency heat (RF) applicator placed in the vagina intended for treatment of selected medical conditions such as relief of minor muscle aches and pain,  relief of muscle spasm,  temporary improvement of local blood circulation and skin sensation. FORMA V may help with skin tightening of the vagina and collagen stimulation. FORMA V  can improve mild cases of urinary incontinence.


The FORMA V provides a warming sensation to the vagina that is tolerable and does not require local anesthetic for treatment. FORMA V can also be used to treat external Vulva.

Treatment is 3 sessions 45 mins 2-4 weeks apart with maintenance as needed.


Target: Loss of sensation, pain, muscle spasms, and mild urinary incontinence in the vagina. Forma V increases blood flow to heighten sensation..

Forma V delivers non-invasive Bipolar Radiofrequency heat (RF) for internal and external tightening of the vulva and vagina with collagen stimulation for heightened sensation.


Treatment time: 3 sessions (45 mins each), 2-4 weeks apart
(maintenance sessions may be needed overtime)