There are plenty of cellulite treatments on the market that promise results, but only one that is FDA approved. We are so excited to offer QWO – an FDA approved, clinically proven solution for cellulite that delivers on its promise!

QWO® is a non-surgical injectable that helps decrease moderate to severe cellulite in the thighs and buttocks. QWO® contains an enzyme called collagenase that targets the fiber septi bands that cause cellulite. When injected into the dimple or divot, the enzyme goes to work dissolving the bands. Fat cells are released from being trapped under the skin, creating smoother skin and no more embarrassing dimples!

Three treatments are needed, spaced approximately one month apart. Clients see considerable bruising with the first and second treatment, and less bruising with the third. Clients may also experience hard lumps at the injection site, pain or soreness, warmth in the treatment area, some itching, and swelling. Side effects are not long-lasting and disappear within two weeks after treatment. It is recommended that you don’t work out the day of the treatment. Contact us for more information on possible side effects, and to see if you are a good candidate for QWO.