Teen Services

Your teen years are some of the greatest of your life. Full of joy, learning, adventure, and endless possibilities. Nothing should take away from that- especially not worrying about your skin and breakouts. Teen acne is a frequent issue and very few teens have the knowledge or tools to effectively treat and eliminate their bacterial acne for good, leading to a vicious cycle of new products, misuse of products, and more acne with an end result of scarring and poor skin complexion with significant frustration and emotional distress. At Love Glow Studio let us be your one-stop shop for education and treatment! We are here to help you understand your skin and its needs so that even when you finish your treatments or your program you’ll have flawless skin for years to come!

Along with initial consultations and high-quality treatment, Love Glow Studio offers a culmination of maintenance and treatment programs including weekly and monthly treatment programs to help consistently treat and eliminate bacterial acne as well as provide you with education on the proper products to use and how to effectively use them!

Our Love Glow Studio Signature Teen Acne program includes:

  • Medical grade skincare solutions consistent targeted treatment that they will love!
  • Acne facials to treat breakouts and clear congested skin
  • High frequency + LED therapy to eradicate acne-causing bacteria to prevent future breakouts
  • Skincare education and guidance

Our LGS Studio Signature Teen Acne program is available on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure your skin is looking its best at all times!

Ask us about our Skincare Parties! We will provide you and your teens with a tutorial on how to effectively remove makeup, apply products correctly, how to do an at-home facial, the importance and administration of proper sun protection, and so much more! With our line of Farmhouse Fresh products, we will be providing your teens with the highest quality, natural products to ensure their home regimen is just as effective as our LGS Studio treatments!

**This will be in the future when COVID restrictions lifted.**